Anissa’s Story – Post #41 – Life Is Not Free Of Storms. Trusting God Through It All…


While Anissa’s brother was visiting us in July, 2010, it finally happened that he was present to video tape one of her most dangerous type of seizures.  Upon showing the video to her medical doctor, he commented: “If she was in a nursing home type facility, within one week she would wind up in the hospital.”  Simply because they would not have the necessary means to care for her one-on-one unless she was bedridden.  Also, Anissa’s communication skills are seldom verbal unless she yells and then the caregiver must decipher what her actions mean.  The danger is greatest while walking or even in a wheelchair, due to her legs, arms and torso thrusting hard in opposite directions.

Another new drug, Vimpat (lacosamide), was prescribed.  The first week of that medication seemed to make Anissa more alert.  But after several weeks, tremors caused her head to shake so violently that food would fling out of her mouth and the seizures became more intense, so the drug was stopped immediately.

It was in 2011 that Anissa’s beloved neurologist for over thirteen years was no longer able to see her.  So, to prevent the long trips to Melbourne, a neurologist in our locality seemed a wise choice; whereas, his first order was to have an EEG done.

To obtain an accurate brain wave test required that she receive no extra medication that would put her to sleep.  Because of the constant head tremors, the technician had a very difficult time getting the wires glued to Anissa’s head and wanted to forego the test, which I totally understood the negative response.

It was then I mentioned how prayer can change things.  I invited the technician to join with me in prayer, but she let me know very quickly, saying, “I do not believe in that stuff!”  Knowing the importance of the EEG, I believed God for a miracle, so I asked if she would please proceed with the test while I would quietly sing to Anissa — she reluctantly agreed.  As I was praying and softly singing in Anissa’s ear, a very deep sleep came upon her, amazing the technician, as well as myself!

“And Jesus looking at them said, ‘With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.’”  Mark 10:27 NKJV   

The completed report read as follows:  This is a diffusely slow abnormal tracing.  There are multiple spike discharges seen throughout the tracing.  This seemed to be fairly symmetrical. These occurred on every page of the tracing, spike and spike slow wave activity, which had the frequency of about two per second.  Three minutes of hyperventilation was not performed. IMPRESSION:  Severely abnormal EEG, consistent with a generalized seizure disorder.  The neurologist’s interpretation:  “The report shows that seizures in her brain never stop and unless medical research discovers a new medication, there is no answer!”  

Several months prior to the EEG, due to the hard clenching of her jaws during violent seizures, Anissa had to have three more teeth extracted.   With only front teeth remaining, that meant she must have puree or soft foods at mealtime.

As the challenges became greater, so did God’s Grace!  He gave me the courage to drive to North Carolina for my granddaughter’s wedding.  It was a four-day round trip and since restaurants were not an option, I had to pack enough of Anissa’s special foods to last.  Also, it required taking her bath lift plus other essentials that filled up every space in the car. The good Lord made the way for a very special friend of mine who lived in that area, along with her Pastor, to stay with Anissa while I attended the wedding and a short time at the reception.   

It was wonderful to see the many relatives and later that evening to visit with family at my son’s home. Except there be a change for the better concerning my daughter, it’s not a trip that I desire to repeat! The perfect weather and Anissa’s love to travel eased the stress considerably, for which I give thanks and can only attribute the blessings to His Excellent Grace!  


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To take a virtual tour of the healing center go to http://www.wellspringhealing

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