Anissa’s Story – #40 – Extreme Faith…


Many obstacles had to be overcome and battles won during the recovery of Anissa’s broken clavicle.  But a light began to shine out of the darkness as the new anti-epileptic drug, Banzel (rufinamide), was prescribed on February 13, 2009. Once the drug was increased to 800mg daily, a definite positive change became evident as nocturnal seizures stopped and Anissa’s sleep was peaceful.    

Increasing Banzel to the recommended dosage of 3200mg daily caused stomach distress and had no extra benefits, so the lower dose was resumed.  In general, her cognitive ability improved even though the devastating type seizures still continued. In June, the neurologist ordered Frisium (clobazam) for Anissa on a compassionate drug basis, as it had to be purchased from the UK/Canada.  Hopes were soon dashed after several doses when she became so hyped with violent shakes and increased tremors, yet, no change in seizure activity.

Upon the annual visit to Anissa’s neurologist in December, he was able to view the various seizures experienced by her that had been recorded onto a DVD.  The doctor made the comment of never before seeing such a sequence of seizures in one episode. He said they might be Behavioral Seizures, involving the temporal and frontal lobe of the brain, which could only be determined if Anissa had an EEG at the time of the episode — and that was not possible.

In the midst of the chaotic times, prayer was our sustaining factor.  It was early summer when I had heard the voice of God say: “I want you to establish a Prayer Clinic in Ormond Beach.”  My first thought was, “What is a Prayer Clinic?”  Such a new assignment would have been overwhelming for me, except, at that time, we were blessed to have responsible Directors overseeing our ministry’s healing retreat center in O’Brien, Florida.  

After locating the building and signing a lease for the Clinic, I returned home and immediately went into prayer, confessing my stand of faith unto the Lord, saying:  “As You were with Moses, You have also promised to be with me.  You told Moses exactly how to furnish the tabernacle for your Glory.  I have no idea what You want for the Prayer Clinic, nor how to furnish it.  Your Word says that You are the same yesterday, today and forever, so I await your guidance, in Jesus name.  Amen.”

Instantly, I heard:  “six stack chairs, lavender blinds, table with lamp, three lounge chairs, bookcase, desk, TV stand.”  As I pictured the size of the rooms, I wondered where three lounge chairs could possibly go — but everything fit perfectly — exactly what was needed!

On the first day when the Clinic opened for prayer, Anissa was totally out of control with non-stop loudness of voice — regardless of our prayers and efforts to appease her!  Afterwards, I determined in my heart to shut the doors and never go back! Compared to the stress of that situation, I did not care about the loss of money, contract or reputation — but my Heavenly Father did care!

The Spirit of the Lord came strongly upon me and said:  “Return with your daughter at your side.  I will take care of her.”  After that day, for six years, Anissa slept soundly at the Clinic in one of the lounge chairs, Tuesday thru Friday, 10 am to 2 pm, regardless of the lights and noise around her.  By the end of the sixth year, she began having episodes of uncontrollable seizures which signaled to me that there would be a change – and there was!

“The Lord hath done great things for us and we are glad … Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.  He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing.”  

Psalm 126:3, 4-5 NKJV

Looking back, I have learned that if God did not lift His hand of Grace at times, we may never know how merciful and powerful He truly is!   The awesome ways we witnessed Divine intervention take place at the Prayer Clinic during those six years certainly helped to build our faith!!  It was definitely a year of change where weeping was for many a night, but more joyful times also abounded because of His Excellent Grace!!!

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