Anissa’s Story – Post #37 – God’s Timing…Is Always Right.

Gods timing 2

After my husband’s glorious heaven-bound journey, 12/19/04, the legal documents to sign and bills to be paid soon filled the top of my dining table.  Keeping Anissa’s records, as well as that of our ministry and personal needs, was something my husband could do since he was physically unable to care for our daughter during his afflicting trial with emphysema/COPD.  It was very difficult for me to undertake such book work, but life goes on.  Anissa enjoyed riding in her transport chair as I took her with me for business appointments and necessary shopping.  

“In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and He heard me.”

 Psalm 120:1

In the spring of 2005, while searching the Internet for the latest discoveries that might help Anissa, I became interested in PCA-Rx, a Peptide Clathrating Agent, being favorably used for autistic children.  It was documented as a “most effective chelating substance to clear heavy metals, toxins, plaque, pesticides, chemicals and residues from past bacterial and viral infections” from a person’s system.  Remembering how Anissa chewed paint off the bedroom furniture when she was about five years old and the possibility of lead exposure, it seemed a good time to try PCA-Rx.  With her lack of verbal communication, my prayer was for a sure sign to know the validity of the product.  After only two days of several sprays in her mouth, Anissa’s teeth took on a noticeable change.  By the third day, the hard calcified-type of mineral deposits that had built up on her right jaw teeth had totally disappeared!  Several months later, Anissa’s lab reports revealed only a “trace” of lead.     

By summertime, the sequence of seizures were much harder and more difficult for me to handle, especially if Anissa was in the tub, on the toilet or in an unprotected place.  The prayers of many intercessors helped to sustain us, but since there was no let-up of seizures, a consultation was scheduled for us at Jacksonville’s Mayo Clinic. Their use of SISCOM, an imaging technique to help pinpoint the site of epileptic seizures, had gotten my attention.

Anissa was evaluated by Mayo’s neurologist, Dr. Chabolla, who seemed amazed that she could even walk with assistance.  He confirmed that she had lived much longer than the norm for one suffering with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome. He said that some survive into their late twenties, but most do not live past their teens – Anissa had just celebrated birthday 38.  The doctor knew of another girl about the same age with LGS who lived with her parents. The only recommendation that Dr. Chabolla gave was to continue the “loving care” and perhaps a new drug Lyrica (pregabalin), approved by the FDA for an adjunctive therapy, could possibly help reduce the severity of the seizures.

During the last week of September, 2005, it seemed as though Anissa’s whole body was beginning to shut down.  As my thoughts turned to burial plans, suddenly I heard:  “My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.  The meaning of your daughter’s life has always been to help others and so shall it be in her death.  Her brain is to be given to medical research.”

The following day began my search for the right Brain Institute.  Four days later, around 6:00 a.m., Anissa awoke me by gently touching my arm.  Thinking she might need a consoling touch, I laid my hand on her but she chose to move it back to my own pillow.  So, I decided to go ahead and fix some cereal so she could take her prescribed meds and then get her to the bathroom.  As I tried to arouse her from what I thought was a very deep, peaceful sleep, there was absolutely no response and no pulse or heartbeat.  

While fervently praying, I applied a type of stimulation two separate times that caused her body to arch, but still no sign of life.  On the third try, I said, “Anissa, you cannot die yet because I haven’t received the information necessary to have your brain go to research as the Lord has requested!”  Instantly, she abruptly began coughing numerous times and within ten minutes she was able, with my help, to walk to the bathroom.  The following day, the information regarding organ donors arrived. It took about one month to set up everything with the Rare Disease Initiative Coordinator at The National Resource Center, Philadelphia, PA.

As Anissa’s mother, the victory I see of her life is to witness the “supernatural” resilience to “rise again” after so many violent seizures.  I have learned that sometimes the power of God used to establish His Kingdom on earth is brought to pass by very weak and unlikely individuals who rely upon His Excellent Grace!



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