Anissa’s Story – #20 – Waiting & Watching…

waiting on God 3

In search of a cure for the seizures experienced by our daughter, Anissa, we would take her to many healing services and medical doctors who prescribed any new anticonvulsive drugs approved by the FDA, in hopes of controlling the seizures.  We are now so blessed to have the internet in keeping updated with the latest research data.

Because Anissa was a very active person, the Atonic/Jackknife, Tonic and Myoclonic seizures have always been a constant physical threat.  Without warning, her posture is forcefully thrust into anything directly in her path. Her forehead, nose and chin were constant targets of injury.  Whenever we tried to put a helmet, bandage or protective apparatus on her body, she would pull and tug at it to the point of self-destruction.

Atonic / Jackknife Seizure (click to view)


If out walking and an Atonic/Jackknife seizure struck, her knees would hit hard on the pavement.  Once she suffered a torn ligament, damaging the cartilage in her knee, as a result of such a fall.  The injury required a medical brace – a real challenge, requiring someone with her at all times to keep her leg immobile.  Two days later, Anissa received a miracle when a word of knowledge was given by CBN host, Pat Robertson, for healing of a torn knee ligament – what a blessing!

Whenever Anissa is plagued with numerous seizures, the defense of her immune system against allergens is also lowered, causing additional problems.  We had to install an electronic filter in our air conditioning system because of mold spores. Within two days, the seizures stopped and her health was restored, but this still didn’t alleviate chemical pollutants in the atmosphere.  The minute Anissa would come into contact with strong fumes, cologne or hair spray aromas, etc., she would become mentally confused and seizure frequently. The same thing occurred when she was exposed to high-pitched sounds of a violin, piano, as well as flashing lights.

It was in 1986 when we learned the frequent, daily multiple intractable seizures with intellectual impairment had a name:  Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) –  for which there is currently no known medical cure. But with prayer and faith in the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, we have expectant hope for a breakthrough because of His Excellent Grace!

“Jesus said…  If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.  This kind can come out by nothing except by prayer and fasting.” Mark 9:23, 29 NKJV

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