Anissa’s Story – Post #17 – Mystery Mail & A Miracle In Massachusetts…

Having attended healing services at the Worcester Memorial
Auditorium from noon to evening on Saturday and Sunday, we
were ready for an extra day of rest before going on to Canada.
Also, it gave us an opportunity to meet other guests staying at
the hotel. One couple from the Midwest who had attended the
services, but did not receive healing, asked us to pray for them.
They spoke of their desire to go see Fr. DiOrio’s ministry
headquarters in Leicester, MA. Since it was only a ten minute
drive from our hotel and they had no car, we offered to take them
to visit the place.
Upon our arrival at the ministry offices, we were asked our reason
for being there. After briefly sharing our testimony, they wanted
a summary of Anissa’s seizures for their files. Then, if she showed
definite results of healing from the services we attended, Fr.
DiOrio would be notified.
The secretary related that because of his busy schedule and being
in conference with the Bishop at that moment, it would not be
possible for Fr. DiOrio to meet personally with us. She suggested
that we all go into the Chapel for a time of prayer.
In the Chapel, a Sister of the Order wanted to know more about
the seizures that Anissa experienced. She was interested
because her niece and nephew suffered with tonic-clonic seizures.
The Sister went on to say that if Fr. DiOrio was led by the Holy
Spirit to come into the Chapel, he would. Just then, the door
opened and to our surprise, Fr. DiOrio entered. Upon seeing
Anissa, he said, “I touched her twice at the service on
Saturday.” We shared with him about her seizures. He sat
beside her, placed his hands upon her and prayed silently for
about ten minutes, then said, “She’ll be all right – in time.”
While he was in prayer, a vision appeared before me of a brain
with an “S” shaped form in the midst which suddenly shifted in
the opposite direction.

To our amazement, Anissa never complained while Fr. DiOrio’s
hands lay on her head during the lengthy prayer. Afterwards, he
asked how we knew about the healing services that we had just
attended in Worcester. I related how a brochure of the scheduled
meetings showed up in our mailbox. He quickly responded,
But we don’t send out such pamphlets!” He then questioned the
Sister for a confirmation. She stated that the only way a schedule
was sent would be upon special request and that maybe someone
had asked them to send it. In the following year, we did meet
several persons who had attended Fr. DiOrio’s miracle services –
but the mystery of the pamphlet still remains!


                   Anissa before healing services ( above) and then after the services.


The change in Anissa’s countenance and strength of body was so
evident. Once again, seizures were less frequent, she was able to
feed herself and eat a greater variety of food. In God’s mercy,
we were given the boost of faith needed to continue our journey –
sustained by His Excellent Grace.


To reach Anissa’s Mother email


To take a virtual tour of the healing center go to

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