Anissa’s Story – # 15 -“A Holy Stopover – in Dover…”


gods hand

On our way to Worcester, after leaving Virginia Beach, we stopped

in Dover, Delaware, to see a friend who wanted me to go with her

to the nursing home and pray for her husband. He was in a

severely weakened state, not wanting to eat and could only

whisper a few words. He did not remember me but as I was

silently praying, a past experience came to mind: “He’ll

remember the foot therapy you did on him in Florida.” When I

related that to him, he smiled and shook a yes with his head.

Shortly thereafter, he became very irritable towards his wife and I

thought, “Oh Lord God, You’ve sent me here and I don’t know

what to say or how to minister to him that would be good for he

seems so disagreeable.” I heard the word, “Sing!”


While praying quietly to know what songs would edify him the

most, I anointed his forehead, throat and each hand with holy oil

and began to sing. When I came to the part of any song that had

words of commitment to Jesus, he became very upset, yelling,

“No! No!” He tried to wrestle his right hand from being held.


I told him of the great love I felt flowing from Jesus for him. After

binding the spirit of antichrist and commanding Satan to loose

him from all bondage, he looked straight at me and said, “I love

You, Jesus.” I felt strongly that it was not me that he saw, but a

vision of Jesus overshadowing me. I had never before

experienced such an overwhelming love toward another human

being. It seemed as though I was engulfed in Jesus.


In relating this experience later to a friend, the following poem

came to mind:

I Behold The Christ In You

by Frank Wittany

“I behold the Christ in you, here the life of God I see. I can see a great peace too, I can see you whole and free. I behold the Christ in you, I can see this as you walk. I see this in all you do, I can see this as you talk. I behold God’s love expressed, I can see you filled with power. I can see you ever-blessed, see the Christ In you, I can see the perfect One, led by God in all you do, I can see God’s work is done.”

Since the weather was beautiful, Anissa and her dad were happy

to wait in the car while I was at the nursing home. It was great to

hear on the following day of the improvement of my friend’s

husband. He had a peaceful night’s sleep, ate his breakfast and

his countenance was changed and uplifted. One week later, he

departed this earth to spend eternity in the Heavenly Kingdom

with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


“How thankful I am to Christ Jesus our Lord for choosing

me as one of his messengers, and giving me the strength

to be faithful to Him, even though I used to scoff at the

name of Christ … But God had mercy on me because I

didn’t know what I was doing, for I didn’t know Christ at

that time.”

1 Timothy 1:12 TLB


This opportunity of ministry fulfilled a portion of the word

given to me several months prior to our trip: “… drive the car – 

blessings shall be yours – take this time away from others, but on 

a mission to save the lost, the weary and the sick

you shall conquer.”

It was His Excellent Grace that made the victory possible!

(My next Post — the Miracle Service at Worcester, MA – stay tuned)

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