Anissa’s Story – Post # 14 – The First Blessing Of God’s Appointed Trip…

Looking forward to our God appointed trip to attend a healing
service in Massachusetts, scheduled for September, 1980, we still
had to get through June, July and August. As a result of continual
12 -25 tonic-clonic seizures a night, Anissa’s health went in a
downward spiral. Unless assisted, she was unable to walk and
required someone with her at all times. She seemed very
retarded, not alert, nonverbal, unable to sit up without being
propped or held, kept her arms up in the air and had a very
unstable head.
All food had to be puree, so I made special
nutritious soups and extracted vegetable juices. Our group’s
prayers of intercession, along with the special diet, sustained her.
On September 6, we arrived in Virginia Beach to meet several
times with George Selig, Ed.D., at CBN University. Dr. Selig
related how God called him to teach at the University regarding
administration in conjunction with the mentally retarded and
special education. We shared Anissa’s testimony and how God
called us to establish a healing center – without drugs, for people
when the conventional methods of treatment have been
unsuccessful. (Later, in 1986, Dr. Selig wrote the Forward to our
book Victorious Survivors)
“Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in
the field;
and afterwards build thine house.” Proverbs 24:27
blessing poster
We next visited the information center at CBN to obtain tapes and
pray in the Chapel. Pastor David Jones came out from his office,
looked at me and said, “God loves you – He really loves you.”
He proceeded back to his office, turned around and came back to
ask us some questions. I related that we were unable to attend
the 9 a.m. chapel service because of Anissa. He said, “We have
to pray for her.”
After showing the Pastor her picture, he took her name and went back into the office.  Once again, he returned and asked the receptionist to lead a worship song that would bring us into the presence of God.  As she sang, the Glory of God covered us, then Pastor Jones prophesied: “Keep your eyes upon Jesus – keep your eyes upon Jesus – His love flows out to you – keep your eyes upon Jesus.”
These words became etched in my spirit and mind to this very day and have kept me from being distracted by worldly views and voices.
The uniqueness of our blessing that day stayed with Pastor Jones.  He became a close and beloved friend who helped open many doors for us in the years to come.  It was another revelation of how God blessed us with His Excellence Grace.
(The next post will continue the journey – stay tuned.)
To contact Anissa’s mother email
To take a virtual tour of the retreat center go to

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