Anissa’s Story – Post #11 – “Listening For God’s Instructions”

we arre listening
As the vision of a healing center without drugs began to take
form, my understanding needed to be enlightened, because I
 thought it would be a center using only natural methods for  healing.
Little did I realize that God had me learn the various methods in order to gain knowledge for better communication with those
who were afflicted in mind or illness of body. It took about eleven
years before I began to realize it would be God’s Word, prayers
and the gifts of the Holy Spirit working through anointed
followers of Christ that would be used to heal the sick.

“Apply your mind to instruction and correction, and your ears to the words of knowledge.”  Proverbs 23:12 (Amp)

One method that greatly benefited Anissa’s mental capabilities
was the Montessori School of Education – a program that was
originally developed for the mentally retarded, based on the
“whole child” approach with hands-on learning. An instructor,
who had just established a new Montessori school nearby, offered
to tutor Anissa in our home during the summer months of 1976.
Because of her rapid progress, the instructor felt it would be good
for Anissa to be in the school environment several times a week
toward the end of the school day, just before dismissal of the
full time students.
We agreed on the condition that we would be alerted of any
infectious illnesses among the students. It was such an uplift for
us to hear Anissa talking about the work she did at school, saying:
“equilateral triangle, quadrifid, square,” etc. The excitement of
her learning, along with the teachings I received, came to an
abrupt halt in November.
In all the busy-ness of the school
routine, the instructor forgot to alert us when a virus had
overtaken many students, as well as the teacher. In a short
period of time, Anissa contracted the virus. After several days of
sickness, multiple seizures returned and regression became a
continuous battle in the days and years that followed.
“When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their distress and troubles.” Psalm 34:17 (Amp)
We recognized that Anissa’s immune system was not strong
enough to tolerate being in an environment where communicable
diseases were so commonplace. As one door closed, another
would open! God directed appropriate tutors to help me with
home schooling to meet the needs of Anissa’s learning ability.
Many times, God offers opportunities that transcends trials and
tribulation encountered on earth -just so someone can taste of
His Excellent Grace!
To contact Anissa’s mother email
To take a virtual tour of the healing center go to

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