Guest Post- By Pastor Ray Kelley- “No High Like The Most High”

His Excellent Grace is something that I have received many times. I will share just one of the times I experienced it.

grace 2

It was round about July 5th, 2005. I was homeless and strung out on a drug called Meth. I had lost my wife of 15 years and my two youngest children. We had lost our house, business and even ourselves. I had introduced my wife to the drug just five years earlier and in five short years we had lost it all. The drug had consumed everything about us. We lost who we were and found ourselves doing things we never thought we would do.

As they say:

Addiction will take you further than you want to go, cause you to stay longer than you planned to stay and cause you to do things you never thought you would do!”

It caused my wife and me to become enemies of each other. We hated each other to the point that I was jailed more than once because of my actions. We were apart but would see each other around town and would talk or fight, depending on our modes, I guess. I remember getting out of jail and just really being sick and tired of it all. I really didn’t know what to do or who to turn to. I was too sick to work and couldn’t hold down a job, if I found one.

I had been around the church for years. We took our kids and played the role, if you will. We looked like everyone else, did what others were doing, but we lacked our own relationship with the Lord. I remember crying out to God and saying,

“If you are real and will help me, here I am. Help me and I will do whatever You want me to do.”

I experienced God’s excellent grace. I have never touched drugs or alcohol from that day till this one, which has been almost 13 years. God showed me just who He is. He restored my marriage. My wife and I just celebrated 28 years of marriage and have now been in ministry almost 13 years. God took us right off the streets and we started Daytona Outreach Center, a ministry that helps those such as we were.

Again, His Excellent Grace!

Mr & Mrs. Ray Kelley


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