Respite & Revival! Anissa’s Story Post # 9

By the latter part of October, 1975, the numerous and uncontrollable
seizures that Anissa experienced over the previous three months had
lessened. Since I only got a few cat naps during those difficult months, my
physical body was ready for a time of respite. My parents wanted us to
spend several weeks of recuperative time in West Virginia with them. Once
Anissa was strong enough to travel, our suitcases were packed and ready to go!
The Methodist Church, where our family were members before moving to
Florida, was celebrating World Wide Communion on November 2nd.
My parents encouraged me to attend the service while they kept Anissa at
home. Not certain if my daughter’s behavior and unpredictable seizures
would be too stressful on the health of my parents, I prayed to know God’s
will. The Holy Spirit impressed upon me that partaking of the Holy
Sacrament would be a healing time.

From past experience, I knew God
would babysit Anissa when He wanted me to do something, which gave me
assured peace.
While kneeling at the church altar, receiving the bread and the cup, an
overwhelming revival power came upon me. I sensed something was also
taking place in the Spirit realm that had to do with Anissa. After returning to
the house and finding everything so quiet, I questioned her whereabouts.
My mother’s response: “Oh, she went upstairs to your bedroom
around 11:30!” That was something she had never done on her own and
happened while I was partaking the elements of Communion. When
Anissa heard my voice, she came running downstairs. To our delightful
surprise, there was a noticeable radiance of light upon her countenance.
Immediately, she demonstrated a new desire to learn and do things with a
mental alertness that can only be considered miraculous!
For the first and only time in her whole life, Anissa was free of all types of
seizures for one year … from that day until November, 1976. When it
comes to healing of the whole person — body, soul and spirit, there is so
much we do not understand. But one thing I have learned while going through a valley of darkness, it takes God’s excellent grace to maintain a victorious walk of faith, hope and love.
To contact Anissa’s mother email her at
To take a virtual tour of the healing center got to

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