Anissa’s Story – Post # 8 – Right Choices Bring Unity & Healing And A Stand Up Girl Brings Joyful Tears…

After Anissa received the miraculous healing of the mind during a Kathryn Kuhlman’s meeting in September, 1974, her seizure pattern remained unchanged.

Since my husband was a lay leader and active in various activities in the church, it required my staying with our daughter.  The weekly meetings of the prayer group in our home gave me fellowship and the strength to carry on.  
Eventually, my husband decided that, until we were able to attend church together, he would worship at home with us.  That decision brought a unity to our marriage and greater peace to our home.  Anissa enjoyed the music provided by the electronic church and would chime in with an occasional Amen.
Anissa remained alert, hyperactive at times, but with only an occasional seizure, until the summer of 1975, when, almost daily, spraying for mosquitoes by helicopter over our house began.  Evidently, she was sensitive to the chemical spray and became very nervous with uncontrollable hyperactivity.  Within a month’s time, she was having 20 to 40 tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures daily from July to mid-October.  The anticonvulsive meds only seemed to worsen her condition.  She became so weak that it seemed each breath would be her last.
Previous to this time, our Methodist church Pastor and Board of Directors had scheduled me to hold a Miracle Healing Service the evening of October 9th in the sanctuary and share Anissa’s story.  

(At home, my daughter lay at the point of death, needing a miracle.)

My faith was tested once again, however I obeyed the Holy Spirit concerning the service,  reminding myself that my ways are not His ways. Being a fearful person when it came to speaking before a group of people, my stomach had butterflies that floated uncontrollably the whole day!  When I stood behind the altar railing to speak, my knees were shaking and I heard the Holy Spirit say:  “Lift your arms in praise to receive the Anointing.”  Since lifting of the arms in praise was not a common practice of that congregation, I was fearful of what this people would think.  But God is merciful and the Spirit spoke again the same word.

Not wanting to see what the people might do, I closed my eyes, took that step of faith, raised my arms and immediately a supernatural power covered me.  My knees stopped shaking and I was able to share Anissa’s story with ease.
The power of the Lord was present to heal so the clergy joined me in praying for the sick as they came to the altar for prayer.  People were healed and several people received a miracle. 

Afterward, several members of our prayer team accompanied me to the house to pray for Anissa.  As I stayed with her throughout the night, every time she had a seizure I would commit her spirit to the Lord.  I knew that if I saw the sun come up in the morning that she would live and not die.
Joy did come in the morning!  As I was trying to get some nourishing food into Anissa, it was as though the words that suddenly appeared to my mind had first arisen out of my spirit:  “Your faith shall be rewarded, I will deliver.”  Within one week, during our prayer group meeting, Anissa unexpectedly stood up and with weakness of knees and legs, she chose to walk around the prayer table.  There was not a dry eye in the place as we witnessed the power of His Excellent Grace.


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