Anissa’s Story -Post #7- Making A Joyful Noise In The Midst Of Trials.


By Anissa’s sixth birthday, God often used her as His instrument in making contacts necessary for the establishment of the healing center that He called us to build. Several times we were confronted by people with well-meaning theories as to why Anissa should be in school with other children, so I visited various facilities and returned home in tears.

Being mentally retarded (intellectually disabled) is one thing, but the daily seizures in addition required special attention. One day, by a neighbor’s report, a truant officer from the school system paid a surprise visit to our home. As we were being questioned as to why Anissa was not in school, she suddenly went into several violent seizures. With a heartfelt apology, the officer said that he certainly understood our situation and would not bother us again – and he was true to his word.

Even though Anissa could speak many words, she had trouble putting the words into proper sequence to form a sentence.  While taking her on daily bike rides, I would put words familiar to her into song. This enabled her to learn to speak correctly. Music opened a new door, and soon she was clearly singing hymns and spiritual songs and recognized some of the song titles on sheet music. Sitting beside me at the piano, she loved for me to play her favorite songs, over and over again.

During this season of Anissa’s life, it became evident that she lacked the ability to  understand directions, which made discipline almost impossible.  Maintaining peace in our home was a daily battle.  She might suddenly lift her right leg and kick anyone or anything that was near — several broken windows had to be replaced.  How much could be attributed to seizure activity, autistic behavior or just a rebellious nature, only God knew. We did learn a safe and secure way of restraining her until she had better control.

My husband compared these outbursts of Anissa’s to his earlier Air Force experience.  He said, “Years ago, when I was a weather equipment operator on a B-29 in the Pacific, our primary job was locating and following a typhoon. I think now, looking back, going in and out of typhoons was like the Devil and God working against each other.  You are up and down a thousand feet in the air, trying to get into the center . . . but once you break through the wall, there was such calm and peace.

He also stated that the demands of the motel-restaurant business likely helped us to be more prepared than most couples to do things separately. We still found caring for our afflicted daughter a difficult demand on our family life.

It was in the early part of 1974 that we learned about many miracles taking place in the ministry of a woman named Kathryn Kuhlman.  I was excited to learn that she was scheduled to be in Jacksonville, just 90 miles from our home, with bus transportation being made available.

As I prayed about taking Anissa to the meeting, the following Scripture was quickened in my spirit: “. . . be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is the good, and acceptable. and perfect, will of God.”  Romans 12:2   

Immediately, I knew, by faith, that Anissa would have a healing of her mind when I took her to a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting.  A great disappointment came when my husband strongly disagreed with taking her on a bus to that meeting.  In desperation, I took that negative response back to the Lord in prayer, seeking His direction and was surprised to hear: “Obey your husband.”   Even though that is not what I wanted to hear,  I knew enough that to obey God’s Word is better than sacrifice — still, it was a most difficult time for me.

Six months later, I was to again learn what it means to trust God.  He spoke to me audibly:  “Take your daughter to Kathryn Kuhlman’s next meeting in Pittsburg.”  My immediate thought:  If I was not allowed to take Anissa to a meeting just a short distance from home, why would my husband give approval for this request?  Surprise – – not only did he give an approval but made arrangements for us, along with two other women, to stay at his boss’ vacation house in Maryland.

From there, it was several hours of driving to Pittsburg, so we had reserved rooms for two nights at a hotel, just a block from where the meeting would be.  Since there were always long lines of people waiting to get into Kathryn’s meetings, we planned to arrive early to be there by 7:00 a.m.  It was a cool, misty morning and a large crowd had already gathered.  After 1 1/2 hours of waiting, an usher appeared from the church and took ones like Anissa, along with their parents, into a large basement room of the church.  In the back part of that large room were rows of hospital-type beds and wheelchairs filled with invalids and disabled people.   When the worship music began, there such a strong presence of God in that place and twice, a healing Anointing covered me.  Anissa had been quietly playing on the floor in front of me, but each time that healing power was covering me, she would stop playing and climb into my lap.  The first time she received a healing of her sinuses and her countenance lit up  The second Anointing came upon me when the soloist sang He Touched Me and once again, Anissa climbed into my lap.

I knew God had touched Anissa but was uncertain what the manifestation would be.  As I was driving back to Florida, again I heard the Lord’s audible voice speak:  “I have given your daughter a mind of understanding.  Now you can discipline her.”   After that, Anissa had better comprehension and was able to learn new things.                     

                        How awesome to be a recipient of His Excellent Grace! 

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