Anissa’s Story # 6 – Sharing The Miracles And Confirming A Command From The Lord.

anissa accordiann


After Anissa’s miracle in Denver, doors began to open for me to share her testimony, as well as our experiences, at various prayer group meetings and churches. By summer 1972, we began holding prayer meetings in our home, which eventually led to the formation of  Logos Life and Light Foundation, Inc.

One couple, who attended our meetings, thought it would be good for us to meet with Dr. William S. Reed, founder of the Christian Medical Foundation of Tampa concerning Anissa’s allergies and relapse of seizures.

We met with Dr. Reed in the fall of ’72. After listening attentively  to our story, he was especially interested in our Denver experience since he had ministered many times at Calvary Temple  (Ruby’s home church) He prayed for us and said, “One day I see all of this being tied together by God, I believe there is a special work He is doing in this whole situation.” He also prayed doors would open if it was God’s will that we take Anissa to the Page Clinic in St. Petersburg, FL.

In later years Dr. Reed opened many doors for us to share with the medical profession Anissa’s testimony and the negative reaction she had to the drug Phenergan.

It was at Page Clinic where I gained valuable medical knowledge relating to healing of the whole person, utilizing various types of therapy, such as orthomolecular, deep muscle, food combining, etc. ( This began before today’s computerized society with blood tests that can provide answers  for a proper metabolic balance and identify the cause of various malfunctions of the human body.) It seems I was being educated in the field of medicine and natural ways of healing under the anointed tutorage of the Holy Spirit.

My mind stored up knowledge much like a computer, available to be retrieved as needed. This was of great value when Anissa went through some very difficult times, as the Holy Spirit recalled to my mind what was needed to make her well. That, along with the Word of God, brought us out of many dark valleys.

Anissa was seizure free for several months prior to spring 1973. Allergies remained the same so her diet was restricted, but the air pollution was impossible to combat. Living in a plastic bubble was not the answer for our hyperactive child! When seizures began early one Sunday in April, our faith was greatly tried.

Having done everything we knew to do, yet our daughter still suffered, I cried out in desperation: “O Lord, what more could you possibly want of us – or of me?” To my great astonishment, these words came into my mind: “Would you be willing to suffer a little longer for the sake of many?” “Why O Lord should we suffer anymore?” I pleaded. Immediately, a vision of the Lord’s body upon the cross stood boldly before me. I asked,     “Hasn’t Jesus’ suffering been enough?” When the vision remained, there arose in my innermost being strong emotions of love in response to the redemptive act of Christ and His love for me. I wept and prayed as the events that had taken place since Anissa’s miracle in Denver flashed quickly through my mind. Then Jesus’ own words weighed heavily upon my heart: “O Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me.”  Likewise, I asked that this cup be passed from us.

jesus asking the cup be taken

But the vision would not go away, I resisted what the Holy Spirit was saying and struggled with the conflict of my own desires and also wondered exactly what to suffer a little longer meant.

The choice was mine, but I needed to be certain the Vision and the Voice was from God and not Satan transforming himself into an “angel of light” that could cause needless suffering, as described in 2 Corinthians 11:14.  Remembering my vow to God, that I would do anything if He would heal my child, I decided that Jesus’ way is the only way!

Being uncertain, I answered with a conditional surrender: “If this truly is so important, then I can only say, not my will but Thy will be done. However, I will expect You to grant grace and give us the strength to see us through whatever lies ahead, just as You did for Jesus.”

Immediately the vision left  and I felt as if a weight was laid across the top of my shoulders, yet a great peace settled in my spirit which radiated forth with strength and power that I had never before experienced. As I shared with my husband what had just transpired he assured me that whatsoever might happen, we would make it! After this I believed that when prayers are offered in behalf of Anissa’s needs that God would show us His way of deliverance.

Several weeks later, I had taken Anissa outdoors for playtime in her little backyard swimming pool.  I noticed there was not a cloud in the sky, when suddenly there appeared a huge building floating down toward me with a loud trumpet voice sounding out: “Build me a healing center!My mind raced with questions: How-When-Where?   “Without drugs – your daughter will help you.” Being awestruck, I watched the building ascend into heaven and disappear. Though unsure of the exact meaning, I believed the assignment was a message from our Heavenly Father.  After many fervent prayers of asking, seeking and knocking,  27 years later, the healing center was established as the result of His Excellent Grace.

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