Anissa’s Story # 5 – The Good Doctor & The Great Physician



With Anissa acting so normal and not one hint of a seizure throughout the week of therapy at Spears Hospital in Denver, along with the prayerful visits of Ruby Nikaido, I wondered if God had performed an outright miracle, or if the seizures had stopped as a result of the therapy. My longing was to go home so my family could see the miraculous change in Anissa. Also hospital bills were a great concern – yet, I had a fear of leaving there when she was making such great progress. At that moment my security seemed to be in the therapy she was receiving. Not wanting to make the same mistake I made previously when Anissa was 6 months old, putting too much confidence in a doctors prescribed therapy, I decided it was time to put all my trust in God.

“Oh God,” I prayed, “please give me a sign that I may know whether to stay for another week of therapy or go home.” That sign came immediately after her next skull-molding therapy. Anissa experienced a seizure that was different from any type of spell she’d ever had in the past. I interpreted it as God’s way of telling me that it was not the therapy that had stopped the seizures. I knew it was miraculous and that we were not to stay another week but return home and share everything that had happened to Anissa with my family. This different type of seizure did not disturb me since there was no doubt in my mind that God was in control. I had such peace and didn’t even question Him.

Ruby was so gracious to take us to the airport and even waited while we boarded the plane. She prayed with us,  instilling in me the confidence that God would meet our needs. She also brought puzzles and books to keep Anissa occupied on the long flight home. Through Ruby’s example, I learned how important it is to obey the Holy Spirit. One particular point she made had a strong impact on my faith throughout the following years: Anytime God wants you to do something for Him, He will babysit Anissa.”  This has proven to be a true word numerous times!            

Anissa was extremly good on the flight home and I felt renewed physically, mentally, and spiritually. Upon our arrival at home, our family, friends and neighbors were surprised and excited to see Anissa looking so normal and healthy. She was now able to run, walk and talk and was free of the lightning seizures.

Shortly thereafter, my husband and our son experienced the power of God while attending a seminar where evangelist Frank Marzullo taught on the Pentecostal movement in the Catholic church. It was a miracle to see Anissa sit quietly for several hours during the entire service. Afterwards, the evangelist and team intercessors prayed over her. She was then set free of all seizures and began adding new words to her vocabulary.

Two months later my husband’s parents visited us and went to Busch Gardens with us. The ride through the animal kingdom in an open tram must have triggered Anissa’s allergies, causing abnormal spastic-like movements. Evidently the extreme heat, high humidity, blooming flowers and animal dander was too much for her immune system. To our dismay she suffered a relapse and soon was having full seizures, which was to become a thorn in the flesh.

In hopes to alleviate negative thoughts regarding Anissa’s healing, I sought the Lord for answers. He answered through an encouraging letter from Ruby, confirming that God was working in our situation. She shared how a fearful thought had crossed her mind:

What if I had not obeyed God? Would Anissa have missed out on her miracle?” She wrote, “I had such an Anointing come upon me when you started to walk out  { of the dress shop } and the Lord said ‘Pray for the little girl’.  I thought why do I have to? And He said again ‘Pray for the little girl.’ It scared me when you came back that Friday afternoon when I saw what I saw with my own eyes. Anissa walked in so tall and looked me straight in the face. I looked at her and thought to myself, its the same little face,  so alert and so sweet, same hair and same haircut. I looked at you. It’s the same mother. Yes – It’s them. And after you told us all that was happening to her, I don’t have words to explain. A thousand things went through my mind. Now I know what a miracle is. I was seeing one, and God is on the throne, and what Jesus said in the scriptures is true. He is real and alive”

jesus healing hand

Had Anissa been totally cured in Denver, perhaps our family would not have had the spiritual experience of  learning who God is and growing in the fruits of the spirit. In the years ahead, whenever ultimate victory seemed out of our grasp, we learned that barriers are obstructions that are not necessarily impassable but can be made possible by God’s excellent grace


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