Anissa’s Story # 3 – Weary – But Trusting In His Grace.


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Following Anissa’s release from the university hospital, seizures became more frequent regardless of various drugs added, including Valium (diazepam).  She was then put on a Ketogenic (High Fat) diet.  After five weeks without a spell, she suddenly had a violent reaction.  While drinking the heavy cream mixture, it expulsed with great force from Anissa’s mouth.  It reminded us of seeing water spouting from a whale.

Seizures returned and since her health was deteriorating, the dietetic therapy was discontinued.  Allergies, along with sinus infections, seemed a constant battle.  We were pushed into many avenues of healing that would never have been considered if it hadn’t been for our desperation to keep Anissa from being institutionalized.

When she was 3 1/2 years old, our nerves were beginning to frazzle.  So one day we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to close the motel for a few days and head for Florida.  While the business had been a priority in the past, now Anissa’s health and our sanity was what really mattered.  An elderly couple who were frequent guests at our motel had invited us for a visit where they lived in Ormond Beach during the winter months.

The time in Florida was wonderful!  Our son loved the ocean and Anissa was much better.  Remembering what the neurologist had said about her being better off where she could be outdoors, we decided to move.  Within two months’ time, we sold our motel-restaurant.  We purchased a home one block from the ocean in Ormond Beach and moved in July, 1971.

WalkingB&V Beach for email


Being outside in the ocean air improved Anissa’s physical health but the seizures continued.  Even so, she attended the Rainbow School for the Retarded in September.  However, she had a difficult time adjusting.  The sound of my little girl crying and screaming made it difficult to leave but because of the opinion of experts saying that she would adjust and needed the school, I persevered.  Later, when the school psychologist met with me, she explained that Anissa was unable to adapt and would do best on a one-to-one basis.  One day when a volunteer Catholic nun was present, Anissa was drawn to her in a positive way, just wanting to sit on her lap.


As seizures worsened, the school would call for me to come get my daughter.  One teacher suggested that we take Anissa to a medical doctor who specialized in diets, using the process of eliminating certain foods to detect an allergy or toxic reaction.  At first, while on vegetable juices, Anissa improved drastically but after the third day she began acting like a starved animal, grabbing other children’s food at school and eating things not meant for human consumption.

Realizing Anissa would not be able to continue in school the way she was, the teacher then recommended a chiropractor who might be of help.  That was an unfamiliar avenue of healing so we gave it prayerful consideration.  Around Thanksgiving time, Anissa began having more grand-mal seizures.  We decided to try chiropractic therapy and immediately there was a noticeable improvement in her speech, with less hyperactivity and seizures.  Once again we were hopeful.  However, westerly winds hit our area, causing a high pollen count of ragweed and other air pollution.  These winds lasted for several weeks and instead of progressing, Anissa grew steadily worse.


By Christmas she was unable to talk, comprehend or even recognize us.  She lost control of her bladder and bowels and was having 15 -20 grand-mal and over 200 lightning seizures daily.  She wanted only to be held and to lay her head down.  She was confused and walked into objects as though blind.  By January, 1972, she was unable to walk or talk.  

Many times I cried aloud to the Lord, “Heal this child and I’ll do anything You want!”  Fear now had a grip on me.  The more I read on nutrition, vitamin and herbal therapy, I worried that I might be upsetting Anissa’s metabolism rather than stabilizing it, as I attempted to bring her seizures under control.  After hearing about other epileptics being healed while undergoing therapy at the Spears Chiropractic Hospital in Denver, Colorado, I began to hope that such daily therapy would provide answers for our child.  Also, my husband could not stand to see me so exhausted and said that if things didn’t change, Anissa would have to be institutionalized.  Remembering my earlier prayer regarding such, I felt Spears was my only ray of hope left.  

grace 2

Once again we expected to experience our Lord’s excellent grace.

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